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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  March 19, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> this is probably the best lead we have right now. >> and he is talking about objects found that may be part of missing malaysia airlines flight 370. >> this announcement happening be the time ago. first sign of the plane that went missing nearly two weeks ago now. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live with the latest on this breaking news for us. >> it could be the best lead yet in the search for the missing plane in the indian ocean. aircraft have just arrived including a u.s. navy plane which picked up something significant on radar. search crews are rushing to the center of the indian ocean for two objects that could be related to the search for the missing malaysia airlines
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flight 370. the objects were spotted from australian satellites. officials called the discovery credible. >> on this particular occasion, the size and the fact that there are a number located in the same area makes it worth looking at. >> the largest object is hot to be 78 feet long and located 1500 miles from australia. all strain yen military air -- australian military aircraft are on the way. >> we have four aircraft out there this afternoon. the weather is not playing a game with us. we may get a citing and we may not. we may get it tomorrow and we may not. we will continue until we are convinced we cannot find them. >> abc news reporter is on board the p8. abc news consultant says the
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crew believes they picked up something. >> they have the latest and greatest sub hunter and saying they found significant radar returns in the area. they don't get radar returns off of nothing. it sounds to me that we indeed found the wreckage. >> australian media just reported that the commercial satellites have been redirected to the area for a more detailed look at the debris. the australian prime minister is cautioning it may not be the missing jet, but believes the discovery to be very credible. >> thank you. the pa poseidon is the military's most advanced plane for detecting underwater objects. this is a picture of the exact p8 searching the area. it is the one david wright is on board. tune in at 12:35 for "nightline" and he will have a report from the plane searching the indian ocean right now. >> this discovery could lead to real answers for the families of those missing.
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the mother of one passenger could not contain her frustration. >> frustration and enormous grief. that was the scene where the loved ones have gathered waiting for any news. if we learn of any news we will bring them to you immediately. our reporting president coulds on twitter -- our reporting continues on twitter. a mendocino sheriff deputy died in a hail of bullets when a kidnapper turned on the officer. the crime spree started with a kidnapping in eugene, or oregon and then ended claiming the life of a deputy. alan wang is there live. >> the body is still at the crime scene.
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he went on on a crime spree that started in eugene, oregon and ended here. >> i was half a mile away when it started. >> his squad car and body were riddled with bullets. he was gunned down with an a 8 8 -- assault rifle. he robbed and kidnapped the occupants of a black bmw and then drove down the 101. they argued and chain knee pulled out a double-barrel shotgun. >> he retreated and got a handgun there and was able to return fire. >> cheney drove and he was in the town of leggit.
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they chased him and off the highway. >> the deputy was not even able to get out of his car. he was ambushed. >> the police officer arrived and exchanged gunfire and he ran into the woods. an all out manhunt followed. schools were locked down and people were told to shelter in place. he apparently died from multiple wounds suffered during the gun bat del. battle. and this is video of the procession as it escorted the body of the deputy away just a half hour ago. the occupants escaped and are safe. cheney was arrested on march 6th for possessing an illegally modified ak-47 and body armor. we are not sure what his criminal history is, but he
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was released probably too soon. reporting live in fort bragg, alan wang, a a bc7 news. >> thanks very much. >> we are learning more. he began his law enforcement career as a deputy in 1988. he then spent 10 years with the fort bragg police department. he then returned to the sheriff's office. he was a wrestling star and later coached wrestling at fort bragg high school. we are expressing our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the deputy on our facebook page. you can share your thoughts with us there as well. news. a controlled burn near salinas has broken through its boundary and grown to 300 acers. it is burning about eight miles southeast of salinas. crews worry it could spread to more than 600 acres overnight. cal fire says no homes are threatened at this point, but there is no word on containment. >> a frightening ordeal for a
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san mateo woman who was tied up in her own home after police say she interrupted a burglar. she was restrained for an entire day. ama dates is live with the story. >> the woman will be okay, but she is very rattled. he tied her up and took her atm card. police got a look at who they were searching for. >> san mateo police say this man held a 66-year-old woman captive in her own home. it began on monday around noon when the woman returned to her home to find a man burglarizing it. he tied her up and took her atm card and pass word information and left to get money. she was not able to free herself until the next day. >> the whole day she was restrained in her residence and was using the victim's atm card to access cash at various
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banks. >> including this bank of america on third and el camino where this image is captured. the man is described as hispanic and 30 years old and 5 foot 10 and medium build and medium length hair and clean shaven. >> i remember saying oh my god, that's my street. >> she received a police department community alert about what happened. >> the middle of the day and nobody is around here. people leave in the morning and come back at night. it is an opportunity. >> but residents look out for each other. >> usually if something happens on the block we know about it. >> that's because they are neighborhood watch captains. as soon as they got the crime release police believe this was an isolated incident. they want residents to call them if they ever return home to something suspicious. ama dates, abc7 news. >> abc news is learning more about what lead san francisco investigators to seize a
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massive amount of explosives. security cameras say that is what started the police probe. police say the man spotted in the video setting up the device is an employee at center folds nightclub. he bought the explosives after officers arrested them. >> we believe it could have leveled the house and it could have taken out neighbors' houses. >> we had miss lane a yous commercial grade fireworks. there was 1300 pounds of those seized as well. jay and police seized more than 400 pounds of explosive powder and rockets and several hundred barrel bonds. these con confiscated a cash of weapons. >> we are following breaking news. debris found in the indian ocean that may be part of flight 370. right now the planes are searching a very specific
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spot. we will let you know if they find anything as the search continues. >> and the drought is taking its toll on a blooming industry. the new normal in one of the biggest flower and garden shows. >> and flipper fitness. it even has the 49ers' head coach taking notice. >> i'm sandhya patel. looking great on this last night of winter. what you can expect tomorrow as spring begins. but first, here is a look at jimmy kimmle. >> here is a sample of what we have in store for tonight. >> are you there?
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the contra costa water district is asking customers to cut back water use by 15% especially when it comes to outdoor ear gages. officials voted to cut back. it was requested by the governor, but the primary reservoir is still nearly 80% full. the message of conservation is reaching people all across the bay area. interest in drought toll represent -- tolerant plants and artificial turf has reached one of the biggest
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flower shows in the country. cornell bernard has the story from san mateo. >> take a look around and you won't see a lot of flowers. you will see a new shift to plenty of plants that barely drink any water. >> water conservation, how do you save water? how do you conserve water? >> he doesn't install the green lawns anymore. these days he is about drought tolerance. his displays have lots of color. >> most people think this is a tropical rainforest. they say where are the orchids? i say the orchids don't work here. >> that's water, that's number one. >> lilian and shelly came to look for ideas to changing you up their -- change up their yard. they are leaving with information about saving water during an epic drought. >> we have been cutting back quite a bit and we have rain barrels as well. the little bit of rain we have we collected a little bit of water. >> check it out.
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look no further than this. zero maintenance and zero water. >> we have a great product as well. we had the largest three months in our company history. it is slowly becoming a need item and not a want item. >> there are lots of other options for saving money and robert. it will run through sunday. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> a professional dancer took the stage today for the first time since losing part of her left leg in the boston marathon bombing. she performed the r mu ba and she twirled on her leg made specifically for dancing. it was made by a professor who wanted to get adrian back to what she loved. she had a huge style and wiped away some tears understandably. >> that's cool. >> the wall russ gained fame
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during a push up challenge. she was showing of off her physical prowess. >> this is video from six flags in vallejo. >> she weighs in at 1,750 pounds, but she is quite limber. >> how about those abs working too? >> just last sunday they matched the coach push up for push up. >> they received national attention and even airing on good morning america. >> here is proof it was a friendly competition. she gave coach harbaugh a smiling smooch. she needs a dvd. let's get a check of the forecast. >> sandhya patel is here. >> the seasons are changing tomorrow. here is what we are looking at. live doppler 7hd is showing high clouds at this hour. as we look at the temperatures
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today, it was unseasonably warm for the last day of winter. 72 in san francisco. 76 in san jose. livermore and napa,75 degrees. santa rosa, 74 in oakland. everything is blooming. here are flowers blooming. this is from oakland. look at these tulips. of course with everything blooming especially the trees if you are suffering from allergies, here is a look. the tree pollen is running high. weeds, grasses and molds are low. we are looking at moderate for the uv index going into tomorrow. visibility is not a problem. looking at sfo and the temperatures are in the 50s. san jose is mealed at 60 degrees. the cool spot half moon bay at 48. from the emeryville camera, clear conditions other than the high clouds up above. temperatures in the 50s 50s from santa rosa to fairfield to livermore. pretty narrow range. look at this beautiful view moon.oking at the wayning
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partly cloudy overnight and spring arrives at 9:57 tomorrow morning. we are looking at dry and mild weather. big changes may be coming the middle to early part of next week. we will see beautiful weather into your thursday. along the coastline temperatures will be lower than where we were today. keep that in mind. as we head into next week, here is what is coming. the cold front will approach. going into wednesday we have a chance of light rain. one computer model is bringing it in on tuesday. we will monitor that. not a cold start with the cloud cover. tomorrow afternoon it is short sleeve weather. 77 gilroy and sunnyvale and sunny on the peninsula. 73 redwood city. palo alto, on the coast half moon bay. 69 and not as warm as today.
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you can see the high clouds filtering the sun in the north bay. sonoma and vallejo and a really nice, mild day. oakland and union city. inland spots will be warm, well above normal. 75 concord and 76 livermore. it is breezy and cooler for your friday. the weekend is going to be mild. not much change. chance of rain, middle of next week. carolyn, dan? >> thank you, sandhya. >> how about those munstangs? >> this is a great story. cal poly finished with 10 wins and 19 losses. not only did they figure out how to make the ncaa tournament, but they won again tonight.
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the cal poly basketball team thought they would have is a trip. they captured the big west tournament and tonight won a first four game. before they could think about a date with wichita state they had to deal with murray. he went off for 38 points. but he was a one man gang. meanwhile, 10 players scored for the munstangs. the most family muss alum, weird al. 81-69 and probably the first team with 59 years to win a tournament game and they will face wichita state. his son had surgery to remove a tumor from his neck. iowa was up one. he scored inside and hawk eyes down two. remember his dad was a great player?
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and sending the game to over time. they advanced 78-65. in berkeley, nit action and solomon is out with a concussion. he missed the first round game with utah valley. the bears blow up in a tight game. then he drops it off. feel his powers. bears up 17 and rejection. bears advance 77-64 and will face arkansas in round two. more nit. tigers with an early lead. martin left alone with authority. this would be his final game. moments later and the flush. the tigers are in control in the second. it was 71-secretary 3. a big sigh for rex. the raiders are looking for talent today.
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they resign one of their own.
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>> charles woodson will be 38 and wearing silver and black. he reached terms on on a one-year deal to resign with the raiders. he said he was thinking about retiring if he didn't get a deal to his liking. san jose state held their pro day. chandler jones had a 4-3-6-40. he had his own receivers running routes and was extremely accurate. >> it was a great day and
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perfect weather. we have been working on our script. it was good to get out here and have some fun. >> abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> thanks, larry.
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